IMG_0411Côme IDRAC is a european lawyer, registered in France as “avocat” at the Paris law society since 1974. He is an experienced lawyer acting for French and foreign companies.

After being graduated in law from Paris University, and in politics from “Sciences Po” Paris, he founded and managed for 30 years the law firm “IDRAC et ASSOCIES”.

He now believes that most disputes can be resolved by mediation. He was trained to mediation by French institutions, CMAP and EIMA, and is a mediator accredited by the English “Centre for effective dispute resolution”, CEDR ( London, UK) since 2015. He mainly practices mediation in commercial and social conflicts.

His experience results also from many other previous activities as :

  • judge at the Paris industrial tribunal for labor conflicts
  • member of the board of the Paris Bar (law society)
  • negotiator of the lawyers collective bargaining agreement
  • chairman of schools for child education or adults formation
  • deputy secretary general of the UIA , international association of lawyers.

Côme works in French and English and is often abroad, mainly in Europe, America, Asia.

Although having more abilities in law than in golf, he never refuses to meet on a golf course. For him, legal practice and mediation are enjoyable as it creates friendly links everywhere around the world.

« Idrac et associes » law firm in Paris
« Idrac et associes » law firm in Paris

Contact : [email protected]m
IDRAC ET ASSOCIES, 60 rue de Londres , 75008 Paris, France.
Phone : + 33 6 81 71 34 78